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Rakovalkea is authentic Laplandic design inspired by northern tradition and nature. Our products are made from durable and beautiful Finnish wood using traditional carpentry skills. You can place an order by contacting us, we deliver our products all over Finland.

Respecting ancient woodworking traditions

Rakovalkea was born from a passion for traditional woodworking skills and unique, handcrafted products. We know Finnish wood through and through, and with strong professional skills we create unique objects from this wonderful material, telling the story of the North.


Behind each of our products is a long, unhurried product development process with numerous material and design experiments. Carefully selected materials, beautiful design and strong craftsmanship allow our products to speak for themselves.

Rakovalkea tells the story of the North

The result of our unhurried product development is the atmospheric Rakovalkea candleholder. As its name suggests, Rakovalkea is inspired by the raku fire used as a sleeping fire by northern wilderness wanderers.


Beautiful and distinctive, Rakovalkea can be customized to any length you wish and is also a great choice for a business gift, for example. Read more about the Rakovalkea story and place your order by contacting us.

These are the ingredients to create a unique Rakovalkea


Traditional craftsmanship

Rakovalke is made from start to finish using domestic craftsmanship, respecting traditional carpentry skills.


Lapland design

Our products are inspired by the ancient traditions and breathtakingly beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland


Northern know-how

Get a small piece of northern expertise for your home or business gift. We deliver Rakovalkeat to customers all over Finland.

Order your own Rakovalke by contacting us

Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about our products and their manufacturing process. You can also order your own Rakovalke by e-mail or by filling in the form on our website. We process orders daily and deliver our products quickly to all parts of Finland.

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